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Zapoteca White Rock

Reservation Policy of Zapoteca White Rock

seating options

Depending on when you are reserving and how booked we are, Inside or Patio seating options will be available.   If your preference is not available, try a different time.   We can not change your section (inside to patio) once the reservation has been made.

Inside Seating:   We have 7 tables indoors, and during warmer months the patio bay doors are open and the natural ocean breeze is welcomed.

Heated Patio Seating:   The 9 table patio is available almost year-round, only closed on snow days and when the wind gusts are above 35km/h.  During the summer months, the enclosure is not used and we enjoy the breeze.  During cold or bad weather days we close the walls of the enclosure and turn the infrared heaters on.   Some warm clothing is still recommended on very cold days, for maximum comfort.

There is only 2 booster seats available in the restaurant available on a first come first served basis.

limited space

We have a very small restaurant and are unable to accommodate obstructive objects or anything that may block aisles and service paths.  Including but not limited to strollers, luggage, skateboards, backpacks, ect...

seating time

To ensure all guests wanting to to enjoy Zapoteca are able, we have a 90 minute seating time for tables of 1-4 guests and 1 hour 45 minutes for tables of 5+.

Larger reservations

Until September the maximum reservation size is 8 persons.  For a larger event space, visit our Kitsilano location for bookings up to 50 people.

special requests

Reasonable requests will be accommodated whenever possible at the discretion of management.  Requests for specific tables, specialized menu items, decorations or storage items are unfortunately not accepted.


We only accept humans, no pets of any kind regardless of how cute and small they are.   No exceptions, except for service animals wearing proper identification.

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